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Friday, 11 August 2017 10:48

Evaluation Team Review - The Brother PocketJet PJ-773 Thermal Printer

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Reviewed by David Coyle - Managing Director

"I rate the printer as a 5 out of 5 stars as it has been able to fit seamlessly into my busy and mobile lifestyle."

Unpacking the printer, I was pleasantly surprised with how compact the printer was. Assembling and charging the printer for the first time was quite simple, and I managed to get it set up without having to refer to the user guide at all.

It was great that I could connect to the printer both wirelessly via AirPrint or USB connection. This worked out well as I was able to print documents regardless of whether I was in my car, a client’s office or my own.

The paper is specifically designed for use with the thermal printer, and whilst it is a bit shiny compared to the paper used in other office applications, it is not when compared to other thermal paper that I have used in the past. I printed a few pages and left them on my desk in the sun to see if they would fade with time, and whilst they have been sitting in the sun for a couple of weeks they do not appear to have faded at all.

Feeding the paper into the printer does take some getting used to as this thermal printer is different from the other conventional mobile printers in the market. On my first attempt, I had inserted the paper into the printer incorrectly and the paper emerged from the printer as a blank page. Once I flipped the paper over and printed the document again the print job completed successfully. It did not take me long to work out which side of the paper needed to be facing upwards in order for the printer to work.

The printer is about the same size as a collapsible umbrella, and it is only a couple of centimeters wider than the A4 pages that it prints. When I was commuting to and from my meetings, it was nice to know that because this was a thermal printer, there was no chance any of the ink will leak onto my bag’s contents.

The printer proved itself capable of holding sufficient charge for me to head out for a day of meetings without having to take the charger. It was particularly reassuring to know that I had the ability to edit and re-print documents after I had left my office. At one stage, I was meeting with a new client in a cafe and was expecting that I may need to amend and reprint a contract before both parties could sign the document. It was good to know that if that document needed to be amended then I would have been able to reprint any pages and get all of the signatures on the contract before concluding the meeting.

I would definitely recommend this printer to someone who conducts business away from their office, and who is looking for a rugged printer than is capable of printing black and white A4 documents whilst offsite. I rate the printer as a 5 out of 5 stars as it has been able to fit seamlessly into my busy and mobile lifestyle.

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