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Professional Label Printers

Professional Label Printers

Professional Label Printers

Create labels quickly and efficiently with Brother’s new Professional label printers. Offering excellent versatility, they can print a variety of label formats at speeds of up to 68 labels per minute.


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Label Printers

Brother’s new Professional label printers for modern businesses: QL-570 and QL-580N. Enjoy the following features with these models:

Built-in auto cutter
Print speed of 68 labels per minute
Compact and ergonomic design
Long-lasting and fade-resistant labels

Labels & Tapes

Brother label printers operate with unique, easy-to-use drop-in label and tape rolls that enable you to start labelling straight away thanks to the automatic detection of the tape in the machine.

Versatility at its best with die-cut labels and continuous length tape.

Brother offers its users the convenience of using both die-cut (pre-cut) and continuous length tapes. These are available in paper labels, film labels and removable labels.

Die-cut (pre-cut) labels

These labels are available in a range of popular sizes for general use.

Label Type Recommended use Application
Paper Labels Low cost labels for general office use where common label sizes are required.

1. Addressing envelopes
2. File folders
3. Binders
4. Shipping packages
5. Visitor badges
6. Storage boxes

Continuous Length Tape

Unique to Brother, continuous length tape gives you the flexibility to create labels to size, thanks to the built-in cutter available in all label printer models.

Label Type Recommended use Application
Paper Labels Low cost labels for general office use where continuous paper labels in various widths are required.

1. Binders
2. Storage boxes
3. Shipping packages

Film Labels Labelling applications that require resilience and added durability.

1. Storage boxes
2. Window displays
3. Cost-effective signage

Removable Labels Labelling applications where labels need to be removed.

1. Removable badges
2. Removable banners
3. Cost-effective signage
4. Displays
5. Inter-office distribution