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Innobella™ Ink & Paper Innobella™ is a brand new range of genuine consumables offered by Brother. Using cutting-edge ink technology designed to be absorbed perfectly with Brother’s uniquely engineered paper, Innobella™ equates incomparable reliability in print quality. What’s more, when Innobella™ is coupled with Brother’s new inkjet MFCs, you are guaranteed brilliant print outs – every time!

New Security Label

All Brother printer supplies are designed as an entire printing system with Brother printing devices in mind — to provide a superior degree of quality.
To ensure you purchased genuine Brother supplies, we updated the security label on our Brother ink and toner cartridge packaging for easy authentification.
The new Security Label will allow you to personally authenticate the product you purchased as a Brother branded Genuine ink cartridge or toner cartridge. Find out more

A Perfect Match

Innobella™ Ink is the result of extensive research and development by Brother, involving tests conducted on over 100 different elements. Innobella™ Photo Paper, another advanced technology developed by Brother, has a carefully formulated coat of chemical solutions that enhances smoothness and reduces ink bleed. Designed to work together for best results, Innobella™ Ink & Paper create perfect prints every time.

Why Use Innobella™ Ink?

  • Innobella™ Ink is specially developed with advanced chemical compositions at exacting ratios to give the results we promise.
  • Innobella™ Ink is fade resistant to light and ozone to achieve true-to-life colour prints that last.
  • Printouts look richer in colour, last longer, and perfectly complement Innobella™ Photo Paper to produce higher quality prints with vivid colours, sharp images and crisp definitions.
  • Brother inkjet MFCs incorporate an advanced print head technology that produces an extraordinary 1.5pl (picolitre) ink droplet. The image will be less grainy, giving you smoother and sharper results every time.

Why Use Innobella™ Paper?

  • Innobella™ Photo Paper has been coated with a well-researched and developed chemical to achieve a smoother finish, eliminating bleeding and smearing of ink.
  • The special coating also broadens the maximum colour reproduction area and improves the red, magenta and green for fantastic photographic outputs with astounding vividness and brilliance.
  • The controlled paper composition, thickness, and smoothness work perfectly together with our Innobella™ Ink and inkjet MFC engine to protect your machine from premature wear and tear.

Pairing Inkjet MFCs with Innobella™


A large part of Innobella™ success lies in the seamless way the Innobella™ products work with our inkjet machines. By combining the superior technology of Innobella™ with the advanced hardware and software enhancements of our new inkjet machines, your prints will be more brilliant! Fine Droplet Enablement

Brother's new generation of inkjet MFCs incorporates a new advanced print head technology capable of producing an amazing 1.5pl (picolitre) ink droplet, which closes up ink droplet gaps and offers the capacity to accurately place these droplets on the paper. When used with Innobella™ Ink & Paper, this technology minimises graininess and delivers smoother printouts, giving you sharper results every time.

Memory Colour Technology

Brother's new Memory Colour Technology mimics the way we perceive colour in real life. Incorporated into each Brother machine is a database of true-to-life colours. Every colour in an image is carefully matched against the database colours to create the right blend of inks to ensure the most spectacularly realistic printouts. In essence, Brother's Memory Colour captures on print the colours you have captured in your memory.

Five Reasons to Choose Innobella™

  • Print Longevity Innobella™ Ink & Paper are fade resistant to light and ozone, thus ensuring that prolonged exposure to light and ozone will not cause printouts to fade with time. This combination will give you high quality prints with richer colours, sharper images and better definition.
  • Richer Colours Discover Brother’s new Colour Rich Technology that adds a new level of vibrancy to your photo prints. Colour Rich expands the colour gamut by broadening the colour reproduction area, increasing the varied shades of the different colours and enabling more dramatic shades. That’s how spectacular colours are produced.
  • Anti-smear and Anti-clog Innobella™ Ink penetrates and dries on the paper quickly to match the high print speeds of Brother Multi-Function Centres (MFCs), rendering smears a thing of the past. Innobella™ Ink also contains carefully selected chemicals to prevent clogging of the print head for smoother operation. This ensures reliability and durability of your Brother machine.
  • Specially Formulated Ink for Smooth Printing Innobella™ Ink is specially formulated to achieve the right fluidity to flow through critical points of the print head on demand and with ease. This ensures a balanced distribution of ink on your paper, resulting in a more optimal balance of colours.
  • Perfect Companion for your New MFC With Innobella™ Ink & Paper specifically designed to optimise the printing mechanism of your new MFC, you are assured of achieving superior printing results with Brother at your side.