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Laser Printing

Laser Printing

Toner & Drum System
Each component of a Brother laser product is integrated within Brother’s hardware to ensure the quality and reliability we stand for.

All Brother genuine cartridges are manufactured to the highest possible standards in controlled clean rooms. Each cartridge is rigorously print tested in order that every user can be assured of the quality and performance they expect.

What are the Benefits?


Formulated for Maximum Results

Brother’s Chemically Produced Toner (CPT) is specially formulated to maximise print quality and performance not found in non-Brother brand toners.

Each Brother laser printer is designed to work at pre-set temperatures that are matched exactly to each individual toner formulation to ensure seamless print quality and reliability.

Exceptional Print Quality

Genuine Brother toners are delicately balanced to provide even flow and toner distribution on the paper for best results.

With the use of genuine Brother toners, sharpness of the printed image can be achieved with the right particle size, shape and colour pigmentation.

Quality Assurance

You can enjoy the benefits of regular improvements and technical changes that occur throughout the hardware life cycle.

How the Laser Printing Process Works…

  • The drum surface is positively charged while the drum rotates.
  • A laser beam emits light onto the drum surface during rotation. The area exposed to the laser beam forms an electrostatic image to be printed.
  • Charged toner particles are attracted to the electrostatic image on the drum.
  • Paper passes the drum where a negative charge is applied to it, causing the toner to be drawn away from the drum surface and deposited onto the paper surface.
  • The image transferred to the paper by static electricity is fixed by heat and pressure as the paper passes through the heat roller and pressure roller within the fuser assembly.
  • The printed document exits the printer

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